Extended Paper Submission

Dear participants at the ILP-GEOSCIENCE 2022. We kindly inform you that the submission for the extended papers closes on 20 November 2022. There will be no extension to this deadline.

1. Extended Paper Guidelines

The call for Extended Papers is OPEN!
Submission is open between 10 -20 November 2022

Please use the  template and follow the Submission Instructions.
Submissions must be made using the online system.

2. Abstract Template

Submitted papers must be original and must not have appeared in the same form in any other publication. The paper should include essential information: purpose, methods, principal results and major conclusions. The mandatory template is available here: Download Abstract Template

3. Abstract Submission

Thank you for your interest and your intention to submit an Extended Paper. Before submitting, please read the general Terms & Conditions.  Online system submission opens on 10 November. Deadline for submitting: 20 November. Participants at the ILP-GEOSCIENCE 2022 can publish up to 15 pages at no additional cost. If the manuscript exceeds 15 pages, it will be a tax of 30EUR for each 1-5 pages extra



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